UK PREMIERE of restored classic Indian essay film

Eleven Miles (Egaro Mile), dir. Ruchir Joshi, India 1991, 160 min., English and Bengali with English subtitles 

Date: Sunday 26 March 2023

Time: 3:30 PM

Venue: ICA, Cinema 1


Ruchir Joshi’s Eleven Miles, here presented in a newly restored version, is a classic example of the essay form as not just a way of thinking but as a mode of being. Part-diary, part-road movie, part-anthropological investigation, the film is a self-reflexive account of Joshi’s persistent attempts to make a study of a group of Bauls (Bengal’s traditional wandering musicians), whose artistic practice mixes life and performance, spirituality and the mundane, social comment and desire, eternity and the modern, in ways that make them resistant, elusive, and endlessly fascinating subjects for Joshi’s camera-eye. 

The screening will be introduced by the filmmaker Ruchir Joshi.