Prelude #3 Films from the Barrelstout Archive

Friday 9th March 2018, 6.30pm-8.30pm, Birkbeck Cinema, 43 Gordon Square, WC1.

“We came together from different experiences to a shared understanding of the films we wanted to make. Most of our films are short, no budget, homemade affairs, shot on Super 8 and slide film.

This screening includes a number of films that connect with the traditions of underground and abstract filmmaking; focusing on elements of light, colour and rhythm. Others represent entries in the diary of our lives, based on the things we enjoy – music, films and friendship. Finally, we want our films to be enjoyed – ‘we require filmic pleasure!’” (Bev Zalcock + Sara Chambers, Barrelstout Productions)

Programme Schedule

Bev Zalcock: Portraits
The Hanging Bed Film (1972)
Paula 13x (1988)
Paula 2: Rough Cut (1989)
Andi Andi (1991)

Bev Zalcock & Sara Chambers: Pitbull Productions
The Filmic Pleasure Trilogy (2000/1)
Oh Odessa! (2002)
Message of the Afternoon – Blue (2005)
Dayglo (You Know, You Know) (2011)

Bev Zalcock & Sara Chambers: Barrelstout
Painting with Light – A Portrait of John Chambers (2008)
Fifteen Friends (2009)
Riot! Riot! (We Wanna Riot) (2015)
The Psycho-Delic Trilogy (2017)

During the session Bev Zalcock and Sara Chambers will be in conversation with Selina Robertson.