Med Hondo

Med Hondo, born in 1936 in Mauritania, eventually settled in Paris where he studied the dramatic arts alongside juggling restaurant work. It was here that he created several film works interrogating racism and colonialism. His directorial debut Soleil, Ô received critical acclaim, and it was just after shooting this that he began filming on Les-bicots nègres, vos voisins, which is being screened at the 2023 Essay Film Festival; the shoot lasted three and a half years. Hondo’s work as foundational to contemporary filmmaking, whilst maintaining significant complexity and nuance in the issues he interrogates. Selected resources below.


Fatima, the Algerian Woman of Dakar (2004)

West Indies (1979)

We Shall Have the Whole of Death to Sleep (1977)

Oh, Sun (1967)


What is Cinema For Us?


Interview with Annabelle Aventurin about Med Hondo