Lis Rhodes

Lis Rhodes has been at the forefront of pioneering experimental, activist, and feminist filmmaking in the UK. She was a foundational member of Circles, a feminist film network established in the 70s, now known as Cinenova. The Essay Film Festival is hosting a discussion day featuring Circles’ work on Monday the 27th of March. Rhodes’ work uses a variety of different forms and mediums including writing, performances, and installations, and her work interrogates the continued injustices and inequalities fostered by contemporary neoliberal and capitalist frameworks. Selected links and resources below.


Ambiguous Journeys (2018)

Dissonance and Disturbance (2012)

In the Kettle (2010)

Riff (2004)

Journal of Disbelief (2000)

Orifso (1999)

Running Light (1996)

Just About Now (1993)

A Cold Draft (1988)

Hang On A Minute (1983)

Pictures On Pink Paper (1982)

Light Reading (1978)

Light Music (1975)

Amenuensis (1973)

Dresden Dynamo (1971)