Jocelyne Saab

Jocelyne Saab was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1948. Initially a journalist and war reporter, Saab went on to become a central figure in Arab cinema. After the Lebanese civil war started, Saab started making documentary films, and was vehemently committed to chronicling the political conflicts of the Middle East. She founded the Cultural Resistance International Film Festival of Lebanon, and was committed to images as a medium for communicating civil unrest; some of her later works even included both fictional films and photographic works. Selected links and resources below.


Kiss Me Not On the Eyes (2004)

The Ghosts of Alexandria (1986) – Screening 28 March, ICA

Beirut, My City (1982)

Egypt, City Of The Dead (1977) – Screening 28 March, ICA

Children of War (1976)


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