Ian Christie & Chiemi Shimada

Ian Christie is a film historian, curator, broadcaster and filmmaker. Ian has researched and published on several prominent aspects of film history, including Eisenstein and Russian cinema, Michael Powell, and Martin Scorsese, to name a few. Ian has worked at the British Film Institute (BFI) in various capacities, and has worked on a variety of exhibitions including Film as Film (Hayward, 1979), Eisenstein: His Life and Art (MoMA Oxford, 1988) and Twilight of the Tsars (Hayward, 1991). He also contributes regularly to radio and television programmes on cinema.

Chiemi Shimada is a Japanese-born artist and filmmaker who is currently based in London. Shimada’s works are generally contemplative, meditative, and explore the boundaries of representation within documentary, fiction, and images. Shimada’s work provides intimate windows into everyday practices and individual people.


Interview with Shimada

Interview with Christie


Chiyo (2019) – Shimada