WFTHN: Becoming Sheffield Film Co-Op, A Brief History by Angela Martin

The Essay Film Festival presents A Question of Choice (Sheffield Film Co-Op, UK, 1982) as part of our EFF 2022 The Work We Share Programme 3 taking place at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London (20 March, 6.30pm).

”Sheffield Film Co-op did not begin its life fully formed as a filmmaking group. It grew out of the new/second women’s liberation movement of the early 70s, which was variously engaging in raising consciousness about issues women faced in their domestic and/or work lives. This engagement produced differing analyses, ideas and practical approaches and soon highlighted the need to disseminate feminist ideas about the issues to a wider audience than those women already attending meetings.” (Angela Martin)

To read about the history of the Co-Op, read the full article by Angela Martin at:

Becoming Sheffield Film Co-op – Women’s Film and Television History Network – UK/Ireland

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