Thom Andersen: Get Out of the Car. A Commentary


Get Out of the Car PDF

Link to a Thom Andersen commentary on the making of Get Out of the Car

“How is it possible that working in a slightly different medium could produce
such a giddy sense of liberation? Since they had mastered 16mm film-making, they
didn’t need instant replay to judge the images they had created. Of course, digital
image making is cheaper. We like to make things as cheaply as possible, but
sometimes this desire is worth resisting. Films are not properly valued, but if we can
go on making them, perhaps they will be. I guess I could afford to work in 16mm
because I work slowly. I enjoy making films because it is a process of research and
discovery (and I hate finishing them because something that’s alive turns into
something dead).” Thom Andersen


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