An Interview with Jef Cornelis

by Vladimir Seput (MA Film Programming and Curating)

The discussion took place ahead of the symposium, ‘You Know the Way and the Language :  Public Spaces | Buildings | Engagement : The Essayistic in the TV work of Jef Cornelis at BRT’. This event was organised as part of the Essay Film Festival at Birkbeck, University of London and took place on Monday 18 May, 2018.

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Records of War: Film, History and the Art School

Conny Klocker, intern at the Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image (BIMI) and PhD candidate at the School of Law writes on a recent screening of 1930s propaganda film. 

As part of the UCL Festival of Culture, the Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image (BIMI) was showing two propaganda films about the Italian invasion in Abyssinia in 1935/36 according to a programme first presented at the London Film Society in 1937. One film depicted a Soviet account of the events from the Abyssinians’ perspective, the other from the invaders, the fascist Italian perspective.

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