Tuesday 31 March, 20:55-23:00, ICA 

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To bring the world into the world: a programme by Sarah Wood

Films: Dear Rosa, Sarah Wood, UK, 2019, video, 3 minutes

The Bravest Boat, Sarah Wood & Ali Smith, UK, 2019, video, 10 minutes

Memory of the Future, Sarah Wood, UK, 2018, two-screen video, 28 minutes

The End of the War, Sarah Wood, UK, 2020, video, 20 minutes

Following the screening, Sarah Wood will be in conversation with Catherine Grant, Essay Film Festival.

With the support of CHASE Doctoral Training Partnership.

‘At the end of the nineteenth century when the Lumière brothers perfected their cinématographe, they dispatched envoys across the world to demonstrate the new technology. Their invention was about movement – the moving image was a form that travelled. Fast forward to the twenty-first century and here we are in the age of border control, security walls, global surveillance – a time that suggests the very opposite of movement. What function does the moving image play in this new landscape? Does it simply become a servant to the new closed-in world – an image of information, of evidence, of surveillance? Or can it sustain its promise to enable the migration of ideas around the world?’‘Over the past five years I’ve been concerned with questions of human migration and with the way counter-cinema can survive as an open space for thought and imagination in a world of isolationism. This programme focuses on the latter, on recent work that has not only taken figures of the left – Rudi Dutschke, Rosa Luxemburg – and imagined them for a new century, but also responds to the archives of twentieth-century filmmakers – Margaret Tait, Stanley Kubrick, Thorold Dickinson, Pier Paulo Pasolini. In the spirit of the early Lumière cinématographe demonstrations, this programme attempts to bring the world into the world, to re-imagine the travelling film show, to model the possibility of a renewed and renewing cinema of ideas in the twenty-first century.’

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