Session 7: Constanze Ruhm, Re-staging the locations of film history


Friday 27 March 2016, 12.30am-4.30pm
Birkbeck Cinema, 43 Gordon Square, WC1 [Map]
Free event

“Constanze Ruhm: Re-staging the locations of film history”

Constanze Ruhm is an artist and author, whose work, exhibited internationally, encompasses installations, film/videos, publications and curatorial activities. Her artistic practice explores the interactions between film/film theory, theatrical forms, and new media, primarily with regard to questions of identity, representation and (feminist) film theory. Since 2006, she has been professor for Art and Media at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Since 2007, she has also been an adjunct professor at the Art Institute Boston/Lesley University. She lives in Vienna and Berlin.

This event, combining screenings and discussion, is structured in two parts.

Part one – Constanze Ruhm in conversation with Roland-Francois Lack (UCL, creator of The Cine-tourist web-site):

In La Difficulté d’une perspective: A Life of Renewal (2013), Constanze Ruhm, with Emilien Awada and using location research by Roland-Francois Lack, created this photographic series of eight locations from Une Femme est une femme shot from two different perspectives: first, as a precise replica of a shot from the original film, and then as a representation of the subjective perspective of the main female character (Angela/Anna Karina). The photos show what Anna Karina must have seen when she herself was seen by Godard and his camera.

Part two – screening and presentation:

Panoramis Paramount Paranormal (part of the Invisible Producers series), Constanze Ruhm with Emilien Awada, 2014

Out of their work on Une Femme est une femme, Ruhm and Awarda discovered the film studio St. Maurice founded in 1913 and destroyed by fire in 1971. The film focuses on the history of this specific location and its place within the history of cinema. Subsequently, the apartment complex Le Panoramis was built on the same site.

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