Session 5: The Thoughts That Once We Had

The Thoughts That Once We Had, dir Thom Andersen, USA, 2015, 35mm in DCP, 108 minutes


UK Premiere

Film screening introduced followed by Q&A with Thom Andersen
Wednesday 25 March 2016, 8.45pm, ICA Cinema 1 [Map]
£7.00 to £11.00

Inspired by the writing of Gilles Deleuze on cinema, Thom Andersen’s new film, The Thoughts That Once We Had, is a richly layered journey through cinematic history, masterfully edited as it moves across decades and genres, and suffused at every turn by the filmmaker’s lifelong passion for the movies.

“This meticulous product of years of reading and lecturing about Deleuze’s Cinéma… Thom Andersen jumps from close-ups of manual labour shown by Dovzhenko, to a montage of Marlene Dietrich’s face in a succession of films by von Sternberg – from the uncut scene of Mike Hammer asking Christina to read him Christina Rossetti’s poem twice, to breathtakingly beautiful shots of the sky and the sea excerpted from Godard…” (Bérénice Reynaud)

This screening will followed by a discussion about the film between Thom Andersen and Michael Witt, author of Jean-Luc Godard: Cinema Historian, Indiana University Press, 2014.

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