Session 5: Rohmer in Paris, Screening and Discussion

Rohmer in Paris, dir. Richard Misek, UK, France, 2013, digital, 67 minutes

Richard Misek. Rohmer in Paris 2013

Film screening and discussion
Saturday 19 March 2016, 2.45-6.00 pm, Birkbeck Cinema, 43 Gordon Square, WC1 [Map]
Free event, booking required

A love letter to legendary nouvelle vague filmmaker Eric Rohmer and the world capital of cinema. The film begins with a chance encounter with Rohmer in 1994, while he was filming Rendez-vous in Paris on location in Montmartre. This accidental connection becomes the basis for a passionate exploration of Rohmer’s lifelong relationship with the city and the many cinematic journeys he made through it. Innovatively combining biographical documentary, psychogeography, speculative fiction, and remix, the film provides a narrated tour of Rohmer’s works, of modern Paris, and of the pains and pleasures of cinephilia.

“Rohmer in Paris started life as an academic project about cities and film, but gradually developed into something more personal: a cinephile journey into another film-maker’s world. So, on the one hand, the film is a carefully researched study of Eric Rohmer’s Paris. Paris was the centre of Rohmer’s world and the main character in his films. The film examines his evolving relationship with the city by tracing his many cinematic routes through it. On the other hand, Rohmer in Paris is also a personal response to Rohmer’s films. It is a result of long hours spent in their company, and an attempt to document this extended act of looking. By using only images from Rohmer’s films, I have tried to show his films reflected in his gaze. Gradually, as I worked on the film, my act of looking turned into fascination and then obsession. I began to refer to the film as my Rohmer obsession project. I still think it’s an apt title. Rohmer in Paris documents both Rohmer’s obsession with Paris and the particular form of obsession commonly known as cinephilia.” (Richard Misek)


After the screening, Richard Misek will be in conversation about his work with film scholar Erika Balsom (Exhibiting Cinema in Contemporary Art, 2013).