Peter Wollen on the Situationist International (SI)

Coinciding with our upcoming exhibition ‘Art at the Frontier of Film Theory’, I will be sharing a series of illuminating articles, interviews and other resources concerning the relationship between art history, art movements and the work of Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen, on a weekly basis.

The theme for today’s post is Peter Wollen on the Situationist International (SI)

  1. Bitter Victory: The Art and Politics of the Situationist International, 1989, by Peter Wollen
  2. Peter Wollen – as professor of Film Studies at UCLA – discusses architecture and the Situationist International in December 1997 –
  3. Letters and Responses; Peter Wollen and T.J Clark and Donald Nicholson-Smith published in October magazine in 1997 –

Leila Nassereldein

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