Peter von Bagh on Sodankyla Forever

The late Peter von Bagh gives an interview with Colin Beckett on his four part 2010 documentary Sodankylä Forever. The films explore the history of the Midnight Sun Film Festival held in the small Finnish village of Sodankylä. As the village is located just beyond the arctic circle during the midsummer months the sun never sets and the only respite from the light is within the cinema! The festival was founded by Aki and Mika Kaurismäki along with Anssi Mänttäri and Peter Von Bagh in 1985. The festival over the years has drawn many celebrated filmmakers and the film is composed of interviews between them and von Bagh who asks each the same questions, What is the first film you saw? and how did you become a director? Clocking in at over four hours we were unable to show this at our film festival however this interview gives an nice insight into both von Bagh the director and von Bagh the film historian.

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