Prelude #2: Orlando Ferito

Dir. by Vincent Dieutre, 2013, digital, 115 minutes.


Friday 12 February, 6-9pm, Birkbeck Cinema, 43 Gordon Square, WC1.
UK premiere of Orlando Ferito, with Vincent Dieutre in conversation with Laura Mulvey after the screening.
Tickets £6 or £4 on sale:

Set in Palermo, and making extensive use of the traditional Sicilian puppets known as “Pupi”, Dieutre’s essay film draws its inspiration from Pier Paolo Pasolini (Disappearance of the Fireflies, 1975) and Georges Didi-Huberman (Survival of the Fireflies, 2009), to paint a personal picture of contemporary Sicilian society and, more broadly, the state of politics in Italy and by extension Europe today.

Vincent Dieutre is known for his first person essay films which explore the limits of documentary and autobiographical fiction (Desolate Rome, 1995). Orlando Ferito is the third film in Dieutre’s Films d’Europe series (Tenebrae Lessons, 2000, and My Winter Journey, 2003), which examines the European subconscious (cultural, sexual, political) from a radically subjective angle (see also Bologna Centrale, 2003).

This event is a collaboration between Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image and the Institut Français, London.