EFLUX: Orphans of politics: A conversation with Lea Melandri by Christina Chalmers

EFF 2022: The Work We Share Programme showcases 10 newly digitised films from the Cinenova collection between 19 and 20 March 2022 at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London. The final programme features the Adriana Monti’s documentary film School Without End (Scuola senza fine) dealing with working class women’s experiences in Italy during the 1970s.

“A group of women following the worker-union-sponsored “150 hours” course to complete their secondary school education are mentored by feminist, activist, and writer Lea Melandri. Adriana Monti follows the women as they reconsider their role as housewives and the effects of this type of political education on their self-narration.”

Discover more about the film School Without End: Read Orphans of politics: A conversation with Lea Melandri on dependency, autonomy, love by Christina Chalmers at e-flux Video & Film:

Scuola senza fine (School Without End) – Video & Film – e-flux

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