EFF Filmmaker Resources: Dónal Foreman

Dónal Foreman is an Irish filmmaker who splits his time between Dublin and New York. At age 17, he won the title of Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year. He has since written and directed two feature films and over 50 shorts retrospectives of which have been curated by the Irish Film Institute and Cork Film Centre. He is also a freelance film critic and member of the Brooklyn Filmmaking Collective. He is the son of the late American documentary filmmaker, Arthur MacCaig. Their relationship is the subject of Foreman’s debut essay film, The Image You Missed, which screened at the 2019 Essay Film Festival.

Along with screening the film during the 2019 Essay Film Festival, Foreman presented a workshop where he talked the audience through the different iterations The Image You Missed took during the editing process.

Rent or purchase The Image You Missed on Vimeo
Arthur MacCaig’s 1979 documentary The Patriot Game is also available to rent or buy on demand.

Foreman interviewed by the Irish Film Institute on The Image You Missed
Trailer for The Image You Missed
Foreman discusses the film at Filmfest Hamburg with Anne Backhaus.

The Personal and the Political: An Interview with Donal Foreman” by Leonardo Goi for MUBI

“Reality Isn’t Given — You Have to Take It”: Writer/Director Donal Foreman on His Fictional Memoir, The Image You Missed by Pamela Cohn for Filmmaker Magazine

“A son explores the cinematic legacy of the father he never knew”: Interview with Tara Brady for The Irish Times

The Image You Missed maps familial with ethno-nationalist conflict” by SJ for The Economist

The Patriot Game: Arthur MacCaig interviewed” by Angela Martin for Jump Cut

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