EFF Filmmaker Profiles: Dora Garcia

Dora García is an internationally renowned Spanish artist and researcher whose work deals with the parameters and conventions of the presentation of art, questions of time – real or fictional – and the limits between representation and reality. She uses various supports to generate contexts in which the traditional system of communication – transmitter, message, recipient – is altered, thus modifying the traditional relationship between artist, work and public. In 2011 she represented Spain at the Venice Biennale.

Video Profile of the Segunda Vez exhibition
On Reconciliation by Dora García
On Reconciliation offers a public reading of a selection of letters by German philosophers Martin Heidegger (1889) and Hannah Arendt (1906).
Discussion between artist Luke Fowler & Dora Garcia

Installation view of The Joycean Society

https://selfselector.co.uk/2014/06/09/reading-as-community-dora-garcia-and-the-joycean-society/  Reading as community: Dora García and The Joycean Society By Lorena Muñoz-Alonso

https://artreview.com/opinion/september_2014_opinion_maria_lind/ The Joycean Society Review at ArtReview

https://radiopapesse.org/en/archive/interviews/dora-garcia-the-joycean-society  Audio interview with Dora Garcia on the subject of The Joycean Society

https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/joycean-society-fidmarseille-review-600215  Review of The Joycean Society

*** Local Caption *** Segunda vez, Second Time Around, Dora García, B/NO, 2018, V’18, Features

http://cinema-scope.com/features/encore-dora-garcias-segunda-vez/:  Profile of Segunda Vez by Michael Sicinski  at Cinema Scope

http://segundavezsegundavez.com/films/ Website for the Segunda Vez project, collection of texts and reading material

https://www.art-agenda.com/features/241809/dora-garca-s-second-time-around: Review of the Segunda Vez exhibition at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

http://www.initiartmagazine.com/interview.php?IVarchive=64  2011 Interview with Dora Garcia on her piece The Inadequate

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