EFF Filmmaker Profiles: Christopher Harris

For each of the filmmakers who have work at this years Essay Film Festival we are creating special profiles on our festival blog. The purpose of these profiles in to share a range of resources to benefit those interested in learning more about their work.

In this post the focus is on Christopher Harris, a filmmaker based in Iowa who works primarily with 16mm film. To date Harris has created 11 works ranging from short films to multi-screen installations and voice works. The most well known of his works is still/here a sixty minute portrait of Urban drift in St. Louis, but his wider body of work contains many excellent, intricate revisionist accounts of American history. Below is a selection of articles and interviews with the artist.

Christopher Harris Filmography
2017 Manatee (voice) in Attraction, Metrah Pashaee
2016 Distant Shores, 3 min., 16mm-to-HD, color, sound
2016 Halimuhfack, 4 min., 16mm-to-HD, color, sound
2014 A Willing Suspension of Disbelief, 9:03, 16mm-to-HD, black and white, sound, 3-channel video installation
2014 Photography and Fetish, 7:37, 16mm-to-HD, black and white, sound, split-screen video installation
2012 Peabody Shampling (voice) in Consuming Spirits, Chris Sullivan
2011 28.IV.81 (Descending Figures), 3 min., 16mm double projection, color, silent
2009 28.IV.81 (Bedouin Spark), 3 min., 16mm, color, silent
2007 Sunshine State (Extended Forecast), 8 min., 16mm, color, sound
2004 Reckless Eyeballing, 14 min., 16mm, black and white, sound
2001 still/here, 60 min., 16mm, black and white, sound

Recording made following a screening of still/here (2000) by Christopher Harris, and Sun Song by Joel Waneck, with Harris and film curator and writer Karen Alexander.
still/here, Dir. Christopher Harris, USA 2000, 60 min., English
Christopher Harris Presents “Speaking in Tongues” at the 2015 Creative Capital Retreat

‘Between Two Eyes: Four Emergent Avant-Garde Film/Videomakers for the New Decade’
Profile of Chris Harris by Michael Sicinski for CinemaScope

Christopher Harris Interview by Dorothy Berry
Article for The Third Rail magazine

video still, Photography and Fetish, 2014.

This Camera Fights Fascism: A Personal Survey of Cinemas of Resistance
Article by the filmmaker Lynne Sachs for OtherZine

The Past Keeps Happening, Suspending disbelief with filmmaker Christopher Harris
Article by Christopher Good for Southside Weekly

28.IV.81 (Descending Figures)

Cosmologies of Black Cultural Production: A Conversation with Afrosurrealist Filmmaker Christopher Harris
Article by Terri Francis for Film Quartely

Between Documentary and the Avant-Garde: Exploring the Visual Poetics of Ruins in Christopher Harris’s still/here
Book chapter by Terri Francis from Contemporary Black American Cinema: Race, Gender and Sexuality at the Movies

Afrosurrealist Film Society: Conversation with IU Professor Terri Francis
Terri Francis explores the idea of afrosurrealism and discusses work by Christopher Harris.

still/here at Union Docs
Artist Statement on still/here by Christopher Harris

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