Christa Blumlinger at the 2015 Essay Film Festival

This recording has come from the following event: ‘Why the Essay Film now?’

Event Description: For this opening conference we have invited four leading scholars and critics who have made important contributions to the current debate about the vibrancy of the essay film tradition in contemporary film and moving image culture.

This recording is part of a talk delivered by Christa Blümlinger (University of Paris, author of Cinéma de seconde main: esthétique du remploi dans l’art du film et des nouveaux medias, Klincksieck, 2013) who addresses the difficulties of the essay film as a concept and explores the essayistic mode of filmmaking through Peter Woolen’s concept of the two avant garde’s.

Below are links to some of the written work and films clips mentioned and referred to within the presentation. I have also attached an article Blumlinger had written that same year for Radical Phiolosophy on the Philosophy of the Essay Film.

Two Avant Gardes, Peter Wollen:

For a Metahistory of Film, Hollis Frampton:

The History of Cinema, as Experience, Christa Blumlinger:…s-experience

Histoire(s) du Cinéma, Jean luc Godard:

Germany Year Nine Zero, Jean luc Godard:

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