EFF Filmmaker Resources: Andrea Bussmann

Andrea Bussman is a filmmaker and social anthropologist based in Toronto. Her third film, Fausto, screened at the 2019 Essay Film Festival. Shot on 16mm on Mexico’s Oaxacan coast, it combines an ethnographical exploration of a pre-colonial folkloric world and loosely-adapted anti-empiricist elements from Goethe’s Faust. Her previous short films, 2016’s Tales of Two Who Dreamt and 2011’s Aquel cuyo rostro no irradie luz, similarly blended elements of documentary and fiction.

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EFF Filmmaker Resources: Onyeka Igwe

Onyeka Igwe is a British artist filmmaker, programmer and researcher based in London. Her non-fiction video work uses dance, voice, archive and text to expose a multiplicity of narratives, and have been screened at the ICA’s Artists’ Film Club, Guildhall Art Gallery, the London Film Festival , Rotterdam International Edinburgh Artist Moving Image, and the Smithsonian African American film festival. Her essay film No Dance, No Palaver screened as part of the 2019 Essay Film Festival.

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EFF Filmmaker Profiles: Dora Garcia

Dora García is an internationally renowned Spanish artist and researcher whose work deals with the parameters and conventions of the presentation of art, questions of time – real or fictional – and the limits between representation and reality. She uses various supports to generate contexts in which the traditional system of communication – transmitter, message, recipient – is altered, thus modifying the traditional relationship between artist, work and public. In 2011 she represented Spain at the Venice Biennale.

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