Catherine Grant at the 2015 Essay Film Festival

This recording has come from the following event: ‘Why the Essay Film now?’

Event Description: For this opening conference we have invited four leading scholars and critics who have made important contributions to the current debate about the vibrancy of the essay film tradition in contemporary film and moving image culture.

This recording is part of a talk delivered by Dr. Catherine Grant (University of Sussex, founder of Film Studies for Free, and editor of REFRAME on-line journal who addresses the digital Video Essay.

Below are links to some of the online work mentioned within the talk and videos that were shown within the presentation.

Interface 2.0 by Kevin B Lee

What is neorealism? by Kogonada

UNCANNY FUSION by Catherine Grant

The Mosaic Approach by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Sergio Dias-Branco, ‘The Mosaic-Screen: Exploration and Definition’, Refractory, Volume 14, 2008

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